Friday, May 19, 2017

Did Someone Say Media Wars?

I've been conscripted to moderate the Media Wars. By whom, you ask? Why, my wife, of course. The first thing is to determine how many viable online news outlets we have in the Shoals. Maybe more than you think or maybe less. Let's go in alphabetical order.

Pen-N-Sword: Sure, I read it every day. They had a virus problem for a long time, but now that it's cleared up, it's booming. Good choice for crime and humor.

Quad-Cities Daily: I read this publication every day as well. Great for local event photos and for those who follow chamber of commerce shindigs. It's booming, too.

Shoals Daily: I check in here maybe once a month. It has real potential, but no one's putting anything into it. Who owns it? They can do better, as in at least publishing something. It's dying. I just hated not to include it.

Shoals Insider: No, I don't read every day, but do check in about twice a week. Between all us media insiders like you and me, the owner needs help in more than one way. Mainly a good read only if you like press releases.

Did I leave anyone out? If I did, you can contact me on my Facebook page and threaten to have me arrested for a capital crime. How's that?

What comes next? I'm going to do a Facebook comparison chart of the four and my site as well. I'll try to post the data every week. 

Now the fun begins!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

When "Forklift's" Kids Turned Bad

James Paul Fulmer Jr. was called "Forklift." Hey, who wouldn't want a name like that? It's not quite "Tank," but it's still pretty gosh darn imposing. Somewhere along the way Forklift married, fathered two girls, divorced, and then hooked up with Sherri. 

When Forklift suddenly dropped dead early last November, obituaries called this live-in girlfriend his "soul mate." Soul mate? He never cared enough to marry her and listed himself as "single" on Facebook. Did someone forgot to tell Forklift about the special relationship?

Looks like things turned ugly after the funeral. In late November Forklift's daughters Brandy and Brittany were forced to resort to visiting their father's house in Killen while Sherri was at work. Once there they loaded up several valuable items and hit the road, but not before Sherri's friend next door took some candids of the impromptu move. Guess that answers the question of neighborhood watch effectiveness.

Now here's where Sherri could have acted the classic fallen woman with a heart of gold, but she didn't. Instead of refusing to press charges against her lover's offspring, Sherri had them arrested for burglary, theft, and criminal mischief. So Forklift's daughters got their mug shots in the local rag, and Sherri got to prove she's a real fluffer.