Monday, July 3, 2017

Why Is Steve Modas Mad at the World?

How many of the Tatler's readers follow Steve Modas on Facebook? Probably quite a few.

The Tatler and his lovely other half once knew Steve and his first wife. I can remember when he wanted to sue Elrod's Hamburgers for selling him a burger with maggots in it. No jive, he really did.

Steve, sometimes known as Big Steve, is always mad at someone because that person dissed him or has more friends than he does or some other really, really great reason. 

Since the Tatler has been following him, he's had a feud with a political candidate. Well, who hasn't? Oh, wait, the Tatler hasn't.

Then there was the Rogersville police officer. Say, what was that about? 

There was also the Rogersville volunteer firefighter/banker. I think that was over alcohol. Modas makes his living selling the evil brew, so questioning the effect on community must be off limits as far as he's concerned.

The Lauderdale County School Board? He may have been right about that one, but he sure got a lot of mileage out of it. 

Shane Dabbs. Not sure what Dabbs actually does but he was once a bigwig with Arx Mortis. He also has his own podcast type news program. Is that why he ran afoul of Modas? The whole thing seems to be escalating with rival camps, lines drawn on Highway 72 and riding crops at dawn. This one might be worth watching.

Local blogger O.B. Schweighardt. Didn't he once sing the praises of Modas? Now he's on Facebook calling him "Modass" and accusing him of dating a blowup doll. 

Modas' second ex-wife. He just can't keep 'em, can he? Maybe she should come back and bring some popcorn?

Until next time (a day I'm off and my wife doesn't want something painted), I'm the Shoals Tatler


  1. lol don't know you but this is spot on the truth! I had Graystone not Arx sold it and went onto a bigger market and do nicely off my investments now so I can play and do what I like lol and expose loud mouth nut cases like ModASS! Actually he's the only one I know thank goodness! Thanks for watching him and giving him his 5 minutes! I LOVE IT JOB WELL DONE WHOEVER YOU ARE! ( I take it ModASS KNOWS YOU LOL )

  2. I still sing the praises of Lil Steve's stores. Great locally owned stores. Big Steve is no longer with them as you know and has the store in Rogersville. I did business with him for over 30 years and when he needed painting done, he hired two kids. I asked him about it and it offended him. Apparently those years of being a customer meant nothing. I wasn't upset about not getting the job but I felt I could have at least given a bid. He didn't see it that way.