Monday, August 14, 2017

Have Leo Take a Bite out of Kitts-Katts

Who's in charge at UNA? Is it the pointy-headed Kenneth Kitts? Is it the over the hill David Shields? Is it the board that usually has their heads up their arses?

My wife and I have three daughters. One is already in college at UNA. She won't be in the spring semester. She'll be at UAH and her sisters will follow.

Did anyone check out Kitts' credentials? How about a background check? Why did he leave his home state and a position he'd held for only a short time? Is there something the people of Florence and the Shoals need to know?

All these clowns need to leave the university, the town, and the state. Not sure where Shields is originally from, but Kitts isn't homegrown. Maybe we should be like in those movies with demons where the priest commands them to return from whence they came?

The Shoals Tatler