Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jacob Modas Hit a Little Ol' Lady!

No, she wasn't the little ol' lady from Pasadena. She was the one from Elgin. Why did Jacob Modas hit her? Some guys just like to beat up on women, we guess, and choose the ones they think won't fight back. How old is Jacob? I'll take a stab at 20. How old was his victim? I'll guesstimate 70. You liking this dude so far? 

If you read our last blog, you know about the Steve Modas-Shane Dabbs feud. Gentleman Jacob, Steve's son, decided to take it to the next level last Friday. So Terry Holden says the cops are looking for Jake the Rake if they haven't found him already. You keeping up? If you aren't, here's a little audio-visual for ya. It's a little windy, but I think this guy is lucky to have that much wind left to say all this after foul-mouthed Jake attacked him.

And I gotta ask about that cute little furball of Modas's. You know the one Steve loves better than Jacob. Does the health department give Modas a free pass to keep him in the store? Looks like Big Steve needs an attorney on speed dial.

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