Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Baby-Killer Justin Green & Local Media

The Shoals Tatler is guessing all online publications received some information about Justin Matthew Green, the little p.o.s. who killed his daughter a few years ago. The Tatler has absolutely no aversion to publishing the worst about this man who doesn't deserve to be walking amongst us, but yet I had to be sure the info I received was true. Was he in the ol' lockup?

It took just one phone call to determine that Justin “Justified” Green was in fact incarcerated in Lauderdale County. But by the time I'd finished this mini-investigation, Pen-N-Sword had published an article on this dreg of humanity, so the Tatler didn't see much necessity in his own. Then I noticed something.

Green's arrest was never in the Quad-Cities Daily. Why? Don't they publish misdemeanor arrests? Had the arrest shown up as only for child support and perhaps didn't fall within that publication's parameters? Or was there something else?

That reminded the Tatler of his promise to rank local publications. I still intend to do just that. I am dropping the Shoals Daily from our list of reading-worthy sites. The Tatler will rate, if not rank, the Quad-Cities Daily, Pen-N-Sword, and yes even the Shoals Insider which doesn't publish much more than the Shoals Daily and whose owner seems to owe half the Shoals for unpublished ads.

But don't think the two more reputable publications will escape our renowned wit. It will be interesting.

Justin Green won't be reading the article. He'll still be behind bars where he deserves to serve the rest of his miserable existence living in his own excrement.

The Shoals Tatler 

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