Thursday, March 22, 2018

Edward Bowman: A Dangerous Kind of Stupid

Right now, lads and lassies, I'm glad I live in Lauderdale County and not in Colbert where the likes of Edward (Ed) Bowman live. Bowman never met a conspiracy he didn't like. He even supports forgoing vaccines so your child can die a horrible death. Nice, huh? Bowman claims vaccines contain tissue of aborted fetuses. IQ of 12 or less, Mr. Bowman?

Anyone out there really think Bowman found out about the controversial re-entry ministry by himself? If you do, you should think again. Bowman has a bone to pick with the Colbert County sheriff, and it would be interesting to know just what it is and who put him up to it.

He doesn't like county commissioner David Black either. Most people don't, but Bowman's views stem from Black being homosexual. Dunno if he is or not, but that's beside the point. He could be Steve Douglas and I wouldn't vote for him. Bowman needs to stick to the facts.

Now Bowman has allied himself with the crazy Witt couple. Need I say more? If Ed Bowman tells you something is white, you pretty well know it's going to be black before you ever see it.

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  1. I was going to wait and see how many people showed an interest in your latest tirade against people with any points of view other than yours (whoever you are) before posting anything but judging from the lack of interest in your last blog of over a week ago I decided to insure you at least had one comment (very long sentence I know, very unscholarly of me) By the way is that picture really you or just an old Halloween mask. I still don't notice your name anywhere though. If I were you I would be ashamed to give my name to. See I can be as civil as you are. I probably would have ignored you’re so eloquently worded blogs had you just mentioned me but you just had to include Resa my wife in both of them. So where others have wisely chosen to ignore your blogs, I will boldly go where no one has gone before. Do you want to play a game? Good, let’s begin. Let’s see you started by inferring we were half-wits or both of us together were not half-wits, something like that anyway, I don’t know. Golly I am just at the beginning of your previous blog and I am already confused. I guess I am at my wits end, get it? Of course you don’t have to be concerned with anyone making jokes about your name because no one knows what your name is knows what your name is. Then you wrote we are suing three counties, two cities and one Chihuahua. The Chihuahua part was of course crazy, it’s a Great Dane, much bigger dog, easy mistake I suppose. Three counties, that’s news to me, I only am aware of Colbert County and no cities so far. All of this you claim was done on one of your blogs; I haven’t been able to find the blog you mention so who knows. You say it was probably my wife for some reason. Then you make more vague references concerning the comments and mention libel, like I said I haven’t seen the blog you refer to so I can’t actually discuss that issue. After that you mention the Colbert County lawsuit and my wife not having a chance of winning it. First of all the lawsuit was filed by me not my wife ol’ man, and to top it off you mention about not keeping my wife in tranquilizers. Let me tell you this wife doesn’t take tranquilizers and if you try peddling your tranquilizers or whatever other drugs you have, where we live I will report you. Then you go on about if you were the deputy or the veterinarian you would own everything my wife has, actually we have joint ownership of everything so it would be everything we have, and I suppose if the offer from any of you was acceptable we would sell you many of the things we have so I guess you would own them then. Of course if you were a veterinarian you would probably also have a good supply of some sort of tranquilizers although I am not sure it would be the same as you are accustomed to. The bank part I have no clue. Lastly in your first unnoticed blog you refer to family relationships and car problems concerning my wife and threaten to blog about these issues. Not sure about that either, we have both had family relationships and car problems during our lives. Hasn’t everyone?

  2. My previous post was concerning your first blog,this post is about this blog. As I mentioned before you seem to have a problem with anyone having different views than your own. You also mention that Mr. Bowman should stick to the facts. I do believe that if a person enters into a dialog concerning a serious matter and makes allegations those allegations should be factual and not speculation unless they clearly state it is an opinion, which in many cases is subjective,I also believe in giving people the benefit of doubt unless I know otherwise. When you label Mr. Bowman as stupid that doesn't sound very objective to me and to further insult him regarding his supposed IQ obviously in an attempt to ridicule him. I admit I am not knowledgeable concerning all vaccines or the way they are manufactured or possible side effects. I do remember the only time I received a flu vaccine was several years ago and I became very ill shortly thereafter,was my illness the result of the vaccine? I dont know to be honest,but I never took another one. I have never met Mr. Bowman or spoken with him. I also do not know how he came to know about re-entry ministry you mention although I am aware of the situation you mention. My questions are these. Do you know how he discovered the information he has and are you saying it is not something for citizens to be concerned about? Ma bee Mr. Bowman has as you say "a bone to pick with the sheriffs department" if he does possibly he has a good reason. If he has been treated the way I have been treated by sheriff Frank Williamson and deputy Klaska, his concerns are not unwarranted. I definitely have a problem with the sheriffs department because of the incident that happened to me. Do you automatically assume that because someone criticizes a public figure they have some hidden agenda? As far as commissioner Black is concerned I dont know anything about his sexual orientation, at any rate he is not my commissioner and is the concern of the people in his district unless he affects me regarding a situation. Then of course you mention that Mr. Bowman has allied himself with my wife and myself while calling us crazy. It seems to me you are the conspiracy enthusiast. Of course as you clearly stated you dont live in Colbert County,we do. I try not to judge people by facts and not conjecture,maybe you should do the same.

  3. If you have to hide behind a screen with misspellings, I wouldn’t point out anyone’s IQ. I think it’s a very coward thing to do. I’m telling you my opinion of your hateful message and I’m not hiding behind anything. It’s a shame that adults have stopped to such low and derogatory tactics. And it seems as though Mr Bowman is pretty open and forward considering I never would have known about this scaredy-cat blog without him sharing it himself. I personally don’t care who he would rather be Sheriff or Mayor bc the issue is that money making scheme needed to be put to a hault and the Sheriff failed to do his job of notifying neighbors within the time allotted.

    1. What did cuz misspell? You mocking a Georgia Tech education?

  4. There's something wrong when comments are longer than the blog. Srsly.