Sunday, March 11, 2018

Two Witts Don't Even Make One Half-Wit

Fluffy Gets Her Revenge on the Half-Wits

Up until now I hadn't done any tattling on Terry and Resa Witt, that Colbert County couple suing the whole of three counties, two cities, and one chihuahua. That didn't stop the couple (Yeah, I know, it's prolly Mrs. Witt) from commenting on MY BLOG!

Now I know it's hard to comprehend, Mrs. Witt, but comments are for things I've said here. So now you can comment all you want on this blog as long as you don't libel others. Yeah, yeah, silly of me to think she can do that.

How's that lawsuit against Colbert County coming along? Sorry, ol' gal, but don't count on it to keep you in tranquilizers cause you don't have a case. If I were the deputy or the veterinarian, I'd own every thing you got. That's after the bank was through with you.

Now try to post some more idiotic comments and I'll blog on your great family relationships and vehicle problems. How's that sound?

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