Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tanya Wallis Not Drug Free

Did Tommy Wallis shoot his wife Tanya in the head and claim she tried to commit suicide? The Shoals Tatler thinks he did and more importantly a jury thought so also. Twelve honest jurors gave Wallis a life sentence, but there was more to the story.

The tattooed Tommy had previous arrests for stalking and drug trafficking. Badass Tommy wasn’t alone in the drug trafficking. Wifey Tanya was also arrested but hubby Tommy tried to take her out before they went to court. Little Tanya always claimed her total innocence, portraying herself as a loving mother and abused spouse.

Now Tommy languishes in prison while 35 year-old Tanya…does what? Florence cops knew what she was doing on December 18 when they arrested her for paraphernalia possession and use. No word on where the two kids were.

Tanya Marie Jackson Wallis soon made bail and spent Christmas at home. Jon Thomas Wallis spent Christmas in the big house.

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